The Art of Traditional Shaving G5D Shaving Brush


โ€œWith the most advanced knot on the planet. This knot will blow you away whether you are used to traditional badger or have already converted to synthetic. It surges ahead surpassing badger in every way. Better backbone splayability, water retention, heat retention, lather flow etc. Ultimate splay without giving up the backbone you want. The best part is the feel. It has a progressive resistance which wants to become a splay. There is no floppyness or springyness. It feels real. It is also extremely dense but the wavy fibers give it such good feel.โ€

-The Semi-Fan is better for face lathering or those who do any work at all on the face. It has very slightly less backbone ( but enough ) but just loves to splay and massage your face.

-The Bulb is best for those who do all the work in the bowl or soap tin and only want to paint onto face. It has a very slightly greater backbone very slightly more resistance to splay ( but still enough ) and loves to paint.