Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Shaving Brush Astraeus


“Meet The Astraeus 22mm Shave Brush, homage to the vintage 1960’s Made Rite Lucite 116! What 1940’s Tom n Jerry episodes are to bakelite, 1960’s Tom n Jerry episodes are to Lucite. I think psychedelics may have been responsible for both! One has to admit there is some lava lamp quality to this particular handle. Sadly Made Rite, like so many other vintage brush business is no longer with us. Being a small US company there is little history to be found on them. From what could be pieced together, they opened their doors in the early 40’s and stuck it out till the 1980’s Their brushes would compete with all the others from that time; ever ready, erskin, etc…but it wasn’t until the 60’s that we see them start to stand out from the rest introducing some more bold and experimental lucite handles. The 116 model is the pinnacle of this new playfulness, simple, elegant and very zen. The Astraeus has a 22mm knot, featuring the new Micro Super Future hybrid synthetic knot. Retro Shave Tech!”