Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Rustlers Ridge


Ah Rustler’s Ridge…a classic, creamy, dusty summer fragrance I picked up on in the wind that whips and winds its way around the small, once boomtown, Tombstone, Arizona. A sweet, woodsy gust whispering and whistling through the sun dried shudders and clap trap clutter of a living “Ghost Town”; kicking up dust devils in my mind instantly sending me back in time, every time. A whimsical, Wild Western Scent like no other.
Top Notes Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Ozone, Prickly Pear, Heart Notes Sage, Animalic Musk, Base Notes Spruce, Cedar. A marriage between robust vanilla, dark sensual musk and dramatic woody notes make this a welcomed autumn and cooler weather fragrance; a gunslinger’s gourmand if ever there was one!”

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