MacDuffs and Aylsworth Razors The Northman

“An endless starry expanse unfolds overhead. You breathe in the crisp evening air as you take your first step on a perilous journey across Norway’s rugged alpine woodlands. Guided by the soft luminescence of an aurora borealis, with only ragged pelts and furs to shield you from the biting cold, you grip your trusty Skeggox axe and move silently through the dense forest, eyes trained intently for signs of your elusive prey. You are the Northman. Opening with the invigorating evergreen notes of Douglas Fir, Fir Balsam and Black Pine, the Northman takes you on an epic journey into the Norwegian Alpine wilderness. As the fragrance unfolds into a heart of Bergamot, Juniper and Pink Pepper, it invokes the rich storied history of ceremonial Viking rituals before settling into a stoic base of Leather, Musk, Oud and Cedarwood.”

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