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Not only does this allow you to froth up the lather of your choice (again perfect for your skin type and the length of your stubble) in no time, it also allows you to perfectly apply it to the shaving area, and even better than that, allows you to rough up the whiskers and get them to stand to attention, getting soap underneath them.

Depending on how soft or scratchy you choose your knot to be, you could also choose to exfoliate your facial skin while massaging your face gently with the brush. And again you can choose to have a utensil that lasts a lifetime and is a work of art, rather than something cheap and disposable. Your choice. We choose sustainable vegan synthetic knots in any manner of handles that would last a lifetime and could eventually be recycled anyway.

First lets talk about the knot

This is the part of the brush that touches your face. It can be made from animal hair or synthetic fibres. In days gone by Badger, Boar and even Horse hair were used. Horse hair could be harvested without harming the animal but unfortunately Badger and Boar are farmed for this specific purpose. Fortunately Synthetic fibres were invented that imitate Badger, Boar and even Horse, but Badger is the most popular. Initially there were various shortcomings and until about a year ago (2022) there was lively debate as to which was better Synthetic or Badger but Synthetic fibers have been improving in iterations almost every single month and by 2023 had surpassed Badger in all qualities, even the most difficult to replicate – water and heat retention, and the balance between backbone and splay-ability.

By the time the G5D or G52B or whatever else it has been called had been brought out, even experts could no longer tell the difference between the two visually, and the Synthetic surpassed the best badgers in all respects and is even better in other ways eg, it dries out quicker/ doesn’t smell funky new/ doesn’t shed. The only people still debating are people who haven’t tried this knot or have mounted it badly (the deeper you mount a knot the more backbone you get, the shallower the more splay) or people who are fixed in their ways for other reasons, resistance to change is a very normal human quality, and unfortunately most of the guru’s have been doing things “their” way for donkeys years, and don’t want to change. There is also enormous commercial pressure from the East where Badger are farmed in thousands in less than ideal circumstances. Yes I call things the way I see them and don’t hold back my words. But that is precisely why you can trust my reviews.

Currently the best synthetic knot available:

G5D / G52B /Alpha G5 -made under licence at same factory with different names from different Retail Outlets

One on my Sith collection handles made by AP Shave Co.

Brush Handles

The brush handle has been made from every conceivable material. Wood gives a nice temperature on touch and a soft feel but swells when wet unless it has been sealed properly, and fades in colour unless it has been stained or fixed. I have seen lovely yellow and red woods fade to dull browns because they werent fixed, but despite this some of my favourite handles are wooden.

On the plastic side, Bakelite was used many years ago, and changes colour over time from white to cream to a deep lovely and sought after butterscotch but it also gets brittle and cracks cannot be repaired. It cannot be melted and cannot be recycled. Its days are over but it is very much sought after in the Vintage scene.

Modern plastics, acrylics, and resins are the way things have gone for the most part, mostly because of the artistic freedom they offer and some of the Artisans have become mastercraftsmen at this. Metals are sometimes used esp Titanium Brass, Copper and Steel and they certainly give a solid feel and unique look to a handle. Also a solid weight.

In most instances I also prefer to do things the traditional way, but not at the expense of the life of an animal when it is avoidable. If we have a synthetic knot that in every way looks and acts like a Badger and in other ways is even better, then I see no reason why it shouldn’t be used. Technology is advancing rapidly. On this topic, synthetic knots last so long and are so nice now that most folk are wanting to change over to them.

This is a real problem if your favourite handle has the wrong knot permanently glued in. They can be drilled out but it is risky. It makes so much more sense these days to use silicone to mount knots rather than epoxy and if an upgrade is required it is an easy job. If an adjustment to loft is required it is also an easy modification not a major undertaking. Using epoxy to mount knots on Vintage brushes is almost a crime because that brush is instantly sentenced to death with the same lifetime as the knot instead of potentially living forever with a changed knot when the time comes. Even in the synthetic family there is something for everyone depending on your preference of backbone/splay-ability/softness/water retention etc and how it is mounted makes a profound difference to some of those characteristics.

Latest synthetic knot G52B in Alpha Revolver

Artisan Brushes


Mojo Handcrafts is a small company that specializes in crafting high-quality shaving brushes and handles. The company is owned by Gary Spruill, a skilled craftsman who has been making shaving brushes and handles for over two decades.

As a Brush Collector, I had well over a hundred brushes and thought I had located all the top Artisans making the Finest Quality Brushes for my Synthetic Brush Collection. Wolf Whiskers was stunning and I adored my Brush from Bob at Elite Razor. Dogwood was awesome. Then quite by accident just when I really thought I had seen everything ( these were such beautiful works of Art it was hard to imagine anything else), I stumbled across Mojo Handcrafts and was absolutely dumbfounded. Speechless. How was it possible after all the thousands of brushes I had already seen, for me to see a truly next level standard of Brush Art. Behold I present to you Gary Spruill from Mojo.

His Signature Piece is probably his Northern Lights rendition which has everything you could imagine and more. And it really has to be seen in person with light playing at different angles to bring out the full glory of the piece. There are two types of Brush Owners, those who are lucky enough to have seen a Mojo and those who are still yet to. To have one is a little more tricky but he does still do Brush drops in the middle of the night every now and then. Better be Quick!

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