Why Traditional Shaving is the Answer

Your whole adult life you have been searching for a better way. You intuitively knew it existed but didnโ€™t know where to look. You noticed long ago that shaving cartridges just added an extra blade each year and told you it would shave better. It didnโ€™t. In fact the more blades were added, the more cumbersome it became and the worse the shave was – and the more expensive it got. Eight blades were not better than seven. It was not the answer.

Then, usually by pure luck, you stumbled upon the secret. The best was to just use one cheap double edged blade. And so you discovered Traditional Shaving. No more tugging hairs out, no more getting stubble jammed up between blades, no more expensive cartridges that cost so much that you squeezed every last shave out of a set of very blunt blade strips. With one cheap blade you can afford to change it often and retain an extremely sharp edge for cutting. No more skin irritation or ingrown hairs from the first blade tugging at the hair and the second cutting it off below skin level. No more shredding of hair with an electric razor or the hygiene problems of using the same blades over and over. Just a lovely clean
smooth efficient shave. Shaving became fun.

Instead of shaving being a chore, it now became a pleasant and efficient ritual where you could even have the opportunity to pamper yourself with a lovely soft brush on your face to apply a whole new world of shaving soap scents, which also improved the shave by preparing your skin better and nourishing it afterwards. And you could save money and make things greener for the environment at the same time. Win Win. I bet your partner also found it to be a win.

And so there are two big reasons to Traditional Shave. The first is that you get the best possible experience. The second is that provided you donโ€™t fall in love with the subject and start collecting (you have been warned) you can work out for yourself how much money can be saved by using really cheap really good blades all the time, compared to expensive cartridges that you press to the limit.

To summarise; Traditional shaving, which typically involves using a safety razor, a shaving brush, and shaving soap, has a number of advantages over cartridge shaving or electric shaving.

Closer shave

Traditional shaving often provides a closer shave than cartridge shaving, thanks to the single, sharp blade of a safety razor. Cartridge razors typically have multiple blades, which can cause irritation and razor burn as they pull at the skin.

Less irritation

Traditional shaving can be less irritating to the skin, as the use of a shaving brush and shaving soap can better lubricate the skin and soften the beard. This can lead to a smoother shaving experience.


Over time, traditional shaving can be less expensive than cartridge shaving. While safety razors and shaving brushes may have a higher initial cost, replacement blades are often less expensive than cartridge razor refills.


Traditional shaving is often more environmentally friendly than cartridge shaving, as safety razor blades are typically made of recyclable metal and do not contribute to the plastic waste associated with cartridge razors.

More control

Traditional razors provide greater control and feedback, allowing the user to shave more precisely and with greater awareness of their skin.

Traditional experience

For many people, traditional shaving is a ritual that provides a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. The use of a shaving brush, the application of shaving soaps with incredible scents, and the sound of a safety razor provide a sensory experience that many people find satisfying and enjoyable. This is the way.

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