You can now 3D-print your own razor. All you need to do, is to download the file that needs to be printed, and take it to a 3D print shop or print it on your own 3D printer. You can choose the material as well as the colour.

3D Print Razor file

You can also print accessories such as a shaving bowl and a blade holder that allows the blade to dry and not rust. This field of technology is advancing at an amazing pace; every day there are new designs available and every day the technology of printing improves. Currently the data is available free, but obviously there are costs involved in the printing itself, however it remains very affordable and will become even more so in the future.

Traditional shaving has been a leader in this field. Blackland Razors were one of the first companies of any type to produce a 3D-printed-consumer-item for sale to the public. This was in the form of the โ€œERAโ€ razor and the head was printed in metal. While the finish was not optimal, the function was extremely good. It was thus discontinued but watch this space for improved new editions. Meanwhile folk at home have been printing shaving equipment using various different plastics with ever-increasing success. There is now a range of razors to choose from, both single edge and double edge.

Look on YouTube for reviews

You can choose your level of involvement – anywhere from just printing the file already provided at a professional 3D printing shop, to designing and printing your own razor at home if you have the equipment. So I will give links here, both to files that are the finished product and just need to be printed, as well as to forums where one can get more involved in the development process and get access to more information.  I highly recommend my friends Roger Quintero, and Jim Roe (Jayaruh) as some of the leaders in this field, and if you are interested you should look them (And their designs) up at Thingiverse (rogerquin) or contact them. You can also Google the โ€œTNNSERโ€ project by โ€œriverrunโ€ at Thingiverse.com