Shaving is gender free.

Traditional Shaving is for all genders, and is simply for anyone who wishes to remove hair efficiently in a ritual that is pleasing to all the senses. It is your choice to make shaving a ritual to look forward to, rather than a chore, regardless of how you identify yourself.

There are many different choices of equipment for Traditional Shaving, depending on the area to be shaved and most importantly the skin type and hair texture and of course, personal preference. Again, there is something for everyone, from aggressive and efficient razors for coarse thick hair to gentle smooth razors for thinner or sparse hair on delicate skin. There is access to lots of experience and advice on this site, just ask.

With scents too, we have moved away from stereotypes in the modern world of Traditional Shaving, and a whole plethora of different scents have emerged. You can still get a musky “masculine” scent if you want to (no matter who you are), but now we have “masculine” floral scents and smoky or fruity scents too. There are no longer any set rules about who should use what, and all of the options are truly open to all. Be aware that some scent profiles will have no appeal to you as you read them, yet as you try them for yourself you find yourself shocked that they just work for you. I have been pleasantly surprised many times. “Asian Plum” and “Passiflora”, “Bloom” and “Blue Samhain” are examples of scents I would never in a million years have thought were my cup or tea, yet I find them intoxicating and firm favourites, modern day megaclassics. I suspect you will too, no matter who you are.

It’s important to note that Traditional Shaving or for that matter, growing and sculpting hair, is a personal choice, and no one needs to feel pressured to conform to societal norms or expectations. Everyone has the right to choose what makes them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Everyone has the right to celebrate the ritual of Traditional Shaving and deserves to pamper themselves when they feel like
it. This is the way!