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Traditional Shaving Soap is also the answer because it is slicker than normal foam in a can which contains propellants that have no business being on your skin, and not only irritate skin, but also take the place of what should be a layer of lubricant. Also because it comes in literally thousands of delightful scents (and matching aftershaves) , some are bound to appeal to your subconscious senses in an instinctive way you can’t even explain.

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Scent has a powerful bond with memory and some of these scents probably bring back happy memories from your childhood you may not even be able to put your finger on, or perhaps you can exactly. Everyone is different with different likes and dislikes and here there is something for everyone. Out of a typical range, you will probably find that about a third do not appeal to you, while you feel ambivalent about another third. The final third you find delightful and can’t get enough of. So be sure to try as many scents as you can. Unscented soaps are useful to you when you want to pair it with a specific aftershave that has no matching soap so there is no scent clash.

A good Soap company will make samples available to you. More and more soap companies are including ingredients that are nourishing to your skin, and there is also a move towards sustainable and vegan ingredients so keep an eye out for these. We will note them for you where we can and believe strongly that sustainable and vegan is the way to go for the future. Soap can be scraped into a bowl and bowl-lathered, it can be half bowl-lathered half face-lathered, it can be entirely face lathered, it can be tub lathered from the original soap tub or it can even be hand lathered. There are advantages/disadvantages to all of these.

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