Need some help?

Take a look at some of our help videos below and get some know-how on how to use a traditional razor. From setting it up, using it and even the total costs involved in owning and using a traditional razor.

Ok so you are brand new to all of this. At one stage we were all there. We were blind but now we see! Start by searching for information. The best is to find a mentor, but there is more than enough information on the internet to get you going. Just remember you are entering a magical high performance world – like joining a sports car club. So start slowly and use your common sense. These razors really do work well but they do demand some respect. Nothing wild. You won’t be given the keys to a Dragster on your first day. But information is your key to progress and to a nice safe progression. Soon enough you will indeed be wanting a high performance racing car, but have a little patience and start slowly. (There are dragsters available to those wanting them by the way – it’s a free world. My only safety advice (apart from not picking up the razor by the sharp end! is to start by riding the cap, not riding the guard.

This means start with the razor sticking out of your face at 90 degrees like a tree and when you move it it will slide around without hurting you. Then slowly lower the angle so that the handle gets closer to your face. Slowly – a few millimetres per shave. As you do so, more of the blade will come into contact with your skin and at very roughly about 45 degrees the blade will come into contact with your face and start shaving you. Then you can fine tune the angle that is correct for your skin and your razor. Some razors esp beginner razors have a wide tolerance for success. Advanced razors not so much.
My advice is to get a beginners Traditional DE razor and adapt to using it with your normal shaving cream in a can at first – make one change at a time. Then use a shaving brush with your can shaving cream and finally mix yourself a beautiful lather from shaving soap from scratch in your own bowl – so satisfying!

Watch youtube videos. There are some links to get you started here but also watch Kensurfs, Kevy Shaves, Razor Emporium and many others.

How To Assemble And Use Your Henson Razor

A quick video showing how to assemble and use your Henson Razor.

How To Wet Shave

Today Douglas Smythe takes a look at the all new Phoenix Shaving Starter Kit and gives you a quick run down on the basics.

5 Minute Product Explainer

Quick explainer for those who want to understand a bit more about the Henson razor and why it performs so much better.

About Henson Shaving

A little background of Henson Shaving.

Total Cost of Ownership

This is why buying the Henson makes sense if you’re using cartridge/multi-blade razors.

The Scale of Shaving

See just how precisely the Henson Razor is made.