Tatara Muramasa Adjustable Razor

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“The Muramasa is a fully adjustable razor simply by turning the dial, to choose the setting for the preferred shave, from smooth to more agressive, yet still both comfortable and highly efficient. Although, note that even on its highest level it is not too aggressive. It has an innovative fine tuning mechanism that changes both the blade gap and the exposure, which is superior to most other adjustables and provides an on-the-fly adaptable shave. The construction quality is flawless. Level 1 is very mild and ideal for facial hair that is shorter or for more sensitive skin; it is also perfect if you prefer a milder shave and wish to transition away from cartridge razors. The top setting of 5 has a higher blade exposure and greater blade gap and is suited to an even closer shave and for those dealing with curlier and more dense or tougher facial hair. You can fine-tune all the intermediate levels and even between the levels themselves, if you choose to, to find what is right for you on that day. It is ideal for beginners and experts alike.
The optional base stand is both elegant and functional and is highly recommended. It has a nylon anti-scratch interior.”

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